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Hoggy's moving-out day is here...

Published by Webmaster in Hedgehogs · 20/12/2015 13:28:00
Today is Hoggy's moving-out day when she leaves her quarters by the kitchen radiator to move into Hog Hall for hibernation. However, she insists she prefers her current spot, thank you very much, along with being served fresh food and water twice-daily along with being spoon-fed dried mealworms.

Her weight has increased from 275g when found in October to a very healthy 875g now - ample to see her through hibernation if the temperature ever falls.

For identification purposes, she will be have a bright yellow flourescent 'high-viz' spot painted onto her back in the hope we may spot her out and about again in the spring.  We hope we don't find a pile of yellow squashed yellow prickles by the roadside which is our fear having grown quite fond of her over the time she's spent with us.

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