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Environmental policy

HIRE Village Hall
Llangrove Village Hall Environmental Policy
Updated August 2022

Aims & Principles
Llangrove Village Hall (LVH) Management Committee is committed to protecting
and actively promoting the improvement of the local environment

The Management Committee will ensure that environmental priorities are integrated
into the decisions it takes on all its services and will aim to:
• Comply with environmental laws and seek to promote sound environmental
practice in hall activities
• Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements
• Minimise energy and water consumption and promote the efficient use of
• Purchase environmentally sound goods from sustainable sources wherever
reasonably possible
• Minimise waste through reuse and recycling
• Ensure contractors working on the trusts’ behalf are aware of and comply with
the environmental policy
• Promote awareness of environmental policy to users
• Review policy annually or when changes occur in national legislation or

Llangrove Village Hall Management Committee
Date: 5th September 2022
Date for Review: September 2023

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