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Llangrove & District Gardening Society
Programme 2024

Click link to download a copy of the Llangrove & District Gardening Society Programme 2024.

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Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in Llangrove Village Hall, HR9 6EX.
Visitors are always very welcome.
Membership is just £10 per year – and you don’t have to live in Llangrove!

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Chair: Jo Ward-Ellison 07718 229813
Treasurer: Penny Walshe


From earlier meetings:

We were entertained my Mervyn Reed with his experiences as an international plant buyer which gave us a fascinating insight into plant growing and buying for the nursery trade. Think ‘inside the factory’ for plants! The scale of some of the operations he talked about which result in plants arriving at local garden centres for us to buy was amazing.

Rosie did the Rose Bowl arrangement this month; called Fireworks it included the lovely flower heads of Miscanthus sinensis Malepartus.

We enjoyed a fascinating demonstration of the craft of traditional trug making by the very talented and entertaining Carl Sadler from Woodman’s World.


Gardeners' Gold:
Locally-produced rabbit manure is available free of charge to local gardeners all year round - email for details.

A near record breaking achievement!

The 55th Annual Flower and Produce Show of the Llangrove and District Gardening Society was a great success. The visitor numbers were up and they not only enjoyed viewing the excellent exhibits, but enjoyed the first class tea and cakes provided by the members of the Society.
Despite the poor weather on the day, there were increased numbers of entries in all classes. Support came from far and wide, with winners coming from Germany, Kent, Swansea and Derby as well as the surrounding villages.

The Committee wish to record its thanks to the sponsors of the event, Millbrook Nurseries in Monmouth, the Garden Store in Ross-on-Wye and Leaf Creative at Huntley, for providing prizes.

The actual results were as follows:
LLANGROVE CUP (highest overall points):       Rachel Lane

Division 1  Vegetables
Llangrove Gardening Society Cup: Peter Field
Perpetual Challenge Cup Member: Penny Walsh and Glenys Biggs
Harry Stancer Memorial Cup Best Exhibit: Peter Gratton

Division 2  Flowers
Llangrove Gardening Society Cup: Rachel Lane and Keith Hardie
Roger Robson Memorial Cup Member: Barbara Dalgleish
Harry Wall Memorial Cup Best Exhibit: Keith Hardie

Division 3
Class 23 Photography: Gates, Doorways or Portals a coloured photograph:
Penny Walshe

Division 4   
Handicrafts Class 24  A child’s garment:   No entries
                     Class 25  A painting or drawing of trees:  Denise Morehead

Division 5  Floral Arrangements
Llangrove Gardening Society Rose Bowl:  Glen Chambers
Perpetual Challenge Cup Member: Glenys Biggs, Michelle Seddon Harvey, Mary Wall, Jo Ward-Ellison and Sheila Jarrett
Bert Hall Trophy Best Exhibit: Glen Chambers

Division 6   Cookery
Llangrove Gardening Silver Salver:   Rachel Lane
Perpetual Challenge Cup Member: Beryl Tudhope
Margaret Storer Trophy Best Exhibit Rachel Lane

Division 7
Children – Class 48 Garden on a plate: Gaby Peaurt        
Children – Class 49 Self-portrait in pasta:  Romerleigh Parker

Division 8 Chairman’s Choice
An animal made from vegetables or fruit:  Nicola Hazell with Caulidog!

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