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Roaming Readers

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Llangrove Roaming Readers meet in members' homes approximately monthly (to suit the members). The group uses books from local libraries, so virtually no cost involved.

Once a month, a group of women, meet to discuss the latest book we’ve read (and a lot of other relevant things). Our books are selected from a list provided by Herefordshire libraries, for a small annual charge. When we meet we return and discuss the last book and take away the next offering. We take turns to host the meeting, hence ‘roaming’. Discussions are always interesting, broad ranging and convivial. All aided by a glass of wine, of course, provided by the host, with readers making a contribution of £1.

Anne Hauke is our contact.

Sadly, we’re at maximum members at present but your name can be added to a waiting list.

If you are interested please contact
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