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Treworgan and the airfield

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Treworgan and the air strip

This is a 6.2km miles (approx) walk which will take about 2 hours at a relaxed and leisurely pace. There are a few slopes but no hills.

Start at Llangrove bus stop and follow the lane towards Farm Lane, keeping the village hall to your right. At the crossroads of lanes, turn right between Treken Cottage and the village hall passing Orchard Cottage and Primrose Cottage on your right. At the next mini-crossroads of lanes, continue straight ahead with bungalows to your right and modern housing to the left.

At the end of this short lane is another joining of lanes. Continue straight ahead following the red arrows of the Herefordshire Council sign on the stumps with large, detached houses to the right overlooking an open field to the left.

At the end of this lane, pass a bye-way sign on the left and continue along the tarmac track ignoring the 'No Through Road' sign in the hedge on the left.

Pass Old Grove and Mill Cottages on the right after which follow the fork in the lane towards the left, with Old Grove Lodge to the right. This leads down to a stony track and leafy footpath ahead running between the trees. Following heavy rainfall there can be a small stream to the left, running alongside the footpath.

The footpath emerges on a small country lane.  Bear left towards the farm buildings, ignoring the first stile on the right then cross over the second stile set into the hedge.

Cross the stile and bear left, heading towards the far corner of the field with the Glascwm Farm buildings to the left. Here are two stiles tucked into the hedge. Cross both stiles and keep to the footpath skirting the right side of the field, against the hedge. At the top, the pathway turns to the left before a gap in the trees marking the pathway between the trees leading to a stile beside the road. Cross the lane to Treworgan farm cottages, admiring their view overlooking the pond and panoramic landscape of gently rolling hills.

Continue along the lane to Treworgan Farm and its buildings. Beautiful ponies with the glossiest coats can often be seen grazing in the fields to the left while impeccably kept goats are housed in large, spotlessly clean, airy sheds.

The lane proceeds through the farm and bears to the right towards a large pond and cattle grid, after which there are often freely-grazing cattle or ponies who tend to watch walkers intently.

Leave Treworgan Farm continuing along the farm track to enter a field with pylons. Pass beneath the overhead cables into a second field with the pylon almost perched in the hedge. At the end of this second field, continue towards a cream-coloured house noting the pathway to the left which leads down to an aircraft landing strip.

Pass the cream-coloured house on the left and continue down the track towards the farm buildings including a smaller goat shed on the right - with some very friendly and inquistive goats....

Continue past the goats for a short distance then turn right, following the yellow arrow, at Trecorris Farm. Avoid the double metal gates and continue towards the timbered building of the farm and office towards a small timber footbridge over a small stream. Watch out for the dogs who are friendly but can be boisterous....

Cross the bridge, climb the few steps to the facing gate ensuring you close it securely otherwise you may find yourself with some canine companions, then continue along the short track which bends to the left, marked by yellow arrow signs, to a stile then continues along the edge of the field with pylons to the right.

A stile at the foot of the field leads down some steps onto the Llangarron - Llangrove road. Cross the road bearing left towards the footpath sign and cross the stile into the field with the facing pylon. Bear right heading towards the prominent tree behind which the buildings of Grove Farm, with the red tiled roof, can be seen in the distance.

Cross the stile in the far right corner of the field to enter the next field, keeping to the pathway running alongside the hedge to the right.

After a short distance, the field opens out to the right. Avoid making any detours or continuing to follow the hedge but continue across this section towards a stile in the bottom corner of the next field. Cross the stile, noting the interesting knot formation inside the tree-stump to the left of the stile, and follow the path as it climbs the bank, then bears right towards the large nursery building behind which is the stile set into to the hedge.

Cross the stile behind the nursery and continue across the next short field with the nursery building to your right. Head towards the metal gate, to the side of which is an unusual stile set partly into the tree. It's a narrow stile and can be a bit of a squeeze to through – definitely not for the portly.

Take a deep breath through the stile then continue up the track ignoring the stile set into the hedge on the left. Continue past the nursery buildings on the right. The lane meets Llangrove Road with the church on the right and Llangrove Academy on the left. Turn left onto the road then right to the bus stop to complete the walk.

K Wren
Route compiled and checked in January 2016

This route is intended as a guide to some of the local footpaths around the Llangrove area. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. All paths were clear and passable at the time of writing. Footpaths can become wet and muddy following wet weather so stout footwear is advised.

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